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As part of Roane Publishing's Blog Hop, I am running a contest!

It's going to be fun, I promise. Win and get a free Portals eBook. Buckle up and get your creativity on, because it's go-time.

We’re all story-tellers, whether we know it or not.

We like to listen to other’s stories and we like to tell our own. Sometimes these stories are true, sometimes they’re fiction, but either way we like to experience this world (or a different one) through someone else.

To enter the contest you must comment below with a logline for a movie you've always wanted to watch or write.

What’s a logline, you ask?

Yay, the educational portion of my blog!

A logline is a one or two sentence summary of your film that not only conveys your premise, but also gives the reader emotional insight into the story as a whole. That’s lifted directly from Google.

Sounds difficult, doesn't it? It’s not difficult. It’s difficult to do well. But look, Roberto Orci did a logline for Star Trek Into Darkness, Adam Leff did one for Bio-Dome, and Edward Neumeier did one for Starship Troopers, so really, how hard could it be?

Here’s a decent guide to writing a logline:


And here’s an example of one to get you started:

A young CIA agent must infiltrate the domain of a ruthless Mexican drug-kingpin and rescue the daughter of a billionaire oilman before the kidnapper’s deadline.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, as someone once said.

Provide your email address with your entry and if you’re the winner, I will send you the details on how to obtain your free eBook.

You may enter only once, so make your entry count.

<![CDATA[Too Much Space to Travel]]>Mon, 07 Apr 2014 00:48:41 GMThttp://www.michaelsicilianoauthor.com/blog/too-much-space-to-travel
Here's why time travel is impractical at best.

  • The Earth rotates on it's axis at 1,040 miles per hour
  • The Earth revolves around the sun at 66,600 miles per hour
  • Our sun moves within the Milky Way Galaxy at 558,000 miles per hour
  • The Milky Way Galaxy moves within the Local Group of Galaxies at 666,000 miles per hour
  • The Universe is expanding at the Hubble Constant. Scientists have not yet come to a conclusion on how fast that is, and is variable depending upon the distance from the observer. Right now it’s estimated in a range of 111,600 (miles/hour) per Megaparsec to double that speed at 223,200 (miles/hour) per Megaparsec.

So, if you travel in time, but not in space. You will most likely pop out in the middle of deep space because everything in the universe (including the universe) is in motion.
<![CDATA[Apple Pie]]>Thu, 27 Mar 2014 13:18:05 GMThttp://www.michaelsicilianoauthor.com/blog/apple-pie
“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” 
-- Carl Sagan

Seems like an awful lot of work for a dessert. I really hope Entenmann's isn't creating their own universes.

On second thought, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing. A world made of Raspberry Danish Twist sounds pretty good right about now.